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I am a ceremony and celebrations singer, songwriter, and teacher. I have had professional vocal training and participated in a number of a cappella singing groups and theater performances over the past 15 years. I pursued a singer/songwriter career in New York during the years 2011 through 2014, and wrote a debut album, Hurricane Dream, released on Team Love Records. Listening to a desire to be out West and clarify the role music plays in my life, I followed my heart to Portland, OR. My current focus is offering my voice in ceremony: weddings, birth celebrations, and other sacred spaces. I study new pathways of the voice with The Vox Mundi Project, led by Silvia Nakkach. In addition, I teach embodiment of the voice and a cappella classes.

I am interested in music as offering, where there is a greater openness for both listener and singer to receive. Song has the power to create and move a feeling, and to transport the heart. My intention is to step into a sacred space with voice, through a practice of deep listening and presence. It gives me joy to bring the beauty of song as a bridge to the heart's expansion.