I have participated in Shamanic Ritual for the past eight years, and Holotropic Breathwork for the past three, studying energetic relationship. Through attention and a natural proclivity for self-awareness, I have been able to sharpen my feeling sense and intuition, honing my innate sensitivity toward the subtle realm of energy. I explore feeling as vibration, and am on a path of fine-tuning the receptivity of my body to be able to tap into and access different frequencies.

I have sung my entire life, with two years of professional vocal training and over ten years of theater, musical groups, and dance. I pursued a singer/songwriter career in New York City during the years 2012-2014, and wrote my debut album, Hurricane Dream on Team Love Records. 

My most recent vocal training has been with Grammy-Nominated musician Silvia Nakkach, founder of the Vox Mundi School of the Voice, where she teaches Nada Yoga; freedom and embodiment of the voice. 

I completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Refuge in March 2019, and am certified in the meditation aspect of The Realization Process founded by Judith Blackstone, PhD. I have a newfound, passionate curiosity for Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, and I am beginning my exploration of this profound work with a training called Biodynamic Touch, taught by Stacy Darby, LMT + Reiki Master.

Love and Blessings.