The Signature 5 Session Sound Immersion


The Work

We will begin each session with meditation from a methodology called The Realization Process, founded by Judith Blackstone. These meditations focus on inhabiting the body, as well as beginning to breath from and orient yourself within your central channel. Your central channel contains all of life’s intelligence, and when you create a relationship with this force within you, it gives you direct access to your wholeness. Through these spiritually transformative practices, it is possible for the experience of oneness and non-dual consciousness to naturally arise within your being, thereby connecting you deeply to yourself and all things. 

For the sound portion of our time together, I will be tuning into your being, and singing from a place of stillness and spaciousness. I connect to the consciousness of love, and express this love through my voice. Offering love and sound in this way has the power to assist you in releasing emotion and feeling, and to reconnect you with yourself, the earth, and all beings. For some of us, the last time we were sung to was when we were very young by our mother, (if we’re lucky) or not at all. This makes the session intimate and nurturing, with the potential to bring up all of the ways we were not nurtured. I will hold space for you with whatever arises, and support you in receiving and creating a relationship to what is to be nurtured, and to nurture.

Why 5 Sessions?

Our five sessions operate within the understanding that when two or more people come together, they exist within a shared field. As we enter into this shared field, there is an exchange of energy that allows for life’s intelligence to arise. The container of five sessions allows our relationship to deepen, thereby allowing further depth to your experience. The process of inhabiting the body takes time, and the meditations are meant to be a practice that is done consistently. The more repetition of these practices, the easier it will become to start to live and breath from within your whole being. Additionally, receiving the nurturing experience of sound is deeply supportive for your nervous system, and the more your body understands it has this resource to return to, the more restorative and regenerative it will be.


Our time together will help you to:


-Transform on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level

-Process held emotion and feelings

-Create more spaciousness in your mind and body

-Relieve stress and anxiety

-Become more embodied

-Reconnect with yourself, other beings, and the earth

-Receive Images or insights that shift your perceptual reality

-Increase the resilience of your nervous system

-Deeply relax

-Return home to the essential ground of your being

-Reignite your sense of wonder and belonging


What to expect

Sessions are 1 hour and include check-ins, gentle movement, meditation, and sound. Meditation can be done seated or lying down depending on your physical needs. For the sound portion you will be laying down with yoga props for your comfort. Sessions are held in my home in SE Portland. 


The 5 Session Sound Immersion is $447, and expires after three months. If you complete the 5 sessions and would like to continue to work together, you may purchase another 5 sessions, or pay for a single session. Single sessions are $95.

I accept Paypal, Venmo, or Cash/Check

Cancellation Policy

You are permitted to reschedule your session within 24 hours notice of your appointed session time. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are non-refundable.

Thank you for your consideration.

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