-Hatha Flow with Linnea Solveig at The People's Yoga, N. Mississippi. Friday’s at 5:30pm. HeartSong sings two Friday’s a month, during Savasana.

Singing Meditation Class, TBD

In this class, we will use a map for the mind/body/heart/spirit connection as a guide in understanding how we can come to a place of inner silence and ability to hear our soul’s voice. We will utilize the focus of the mind with movement of the body as we sing, and consider the heart as a space from which to give and receive our sound. With this practice, the intention will be to tune ourselves to one energetic frequency, unified with the sound. As we quiet the busy mind and the other frequencies we unconsciously tune into that may distract us from our inner knowing, we open the space for the singularity of our purpose to reveal itself to us, and for our ability to hear it. Our time together will include gentle stretching to set up the body as a supportive container for singing with ease, as well as focus on the alignment of the spine to allow our energy to flow with little obstruction. There will be improvised call and response, as well as simple song learning for a duration of at least 25 minutes, encouraging deep relaxation and peace in the mind/body. Props will be available to assist you in finding a comfortable seated posture. No singing experience necessary, only a desire to develop your inner ear through the essential pathway of sound vibration. Bring a yoga mat and journal if you wish to record your process at any time throughout class. 


(Private session copy from 2018)

"To sing, and to listen, is to connect to our essential being; the spaciousness within. Energy is vibration and all vibrations are sound. The universe hums with it's own rhythm and frequency, just as we do. When we can hum with the frequency of the universe, we become one with it, and are transformed."
-Excerpt from Nada Yoga School

Singing as meditation is among the most powerful tools for self-healing, and the exploration of our inner landscapes. Private sessions with me begin with a check-in, and setting up the body as a supportive container  for singing with ease. We then move into improvised call and response, warming up our voices together.  We will utilize awareness  with movement of the body as we sing, and consider the heart as a space from which to give and receive our sound. As we quiet the busy mind, we open the space to tune into the frequency of our deeper knowing.  I teach songs from my repertoire of medicine melodies, choosing a melody based on my felt-sense of what the energy is calling for at the time.

Every session is different, and they naturally take on a life of their own. I am available  to you with love and presence, and provide a space for you to connect to your breath, your voice, your being. 

50 Minute Session: $65