I compose songs for the voice. Families have hired me to write a sweet lullaby for their young one, or a love song for their wedding ceremony. How it works is I get to know the couple or person I am working with, and what kind of song they are looking for. I will ask for words or poetry that they like, and gather any other relevant information. With the intention now germinating inside of me, I allow the process to be an organic one; there is an awareness for myself that I will be writing a song, and yet I allow it to arise with space and spontaneity. The songs manifest themselves through a balance of pause and action: I listen and sense for the song's timing, and with a gentle focus, a song is born. These songs are personal and universal all at once; I call on my connection to nature, finding lyrics and melodies that remind us of the love and mystery surrounding us all of the time. If you would like a melody composed for you, please get in touch through my Contact Page. 


Samples to follow.