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Full Moon Kundalini and Song Healing

  • North Portland Yoga 55 Northeast Farragut Street Portland, OR, 97211 United States (map)

Andrea Tomasi of HeartSong and Julia Bray will team up for a night of Kundalini Yoga and live mantra song healing. Bringing in the elements of the full moon in libra, we will focus on what each of us as individuals need to come into balance. We will move through a series of kriyas and be embraced by healing tones, in support of our coming into alignment. 

Libra is said to be the sign of relationships; the libra energy within us is always seeking for it's perfect energetic completion and must always circle back to find it within the self. Come to this 2 hour workshop to explore our quest for balance, and how that's reflected in our inner and outer worlds. We will dive into the energy of Libra through a mini lecture, guided meditation and personalized download on where the Full Moon falls in your astrological chart. Using the technology of Kundalini Yoga we will expand into our many parts, bringing them into a fuller union with one another by balancing the brain hemispheres, the body, and our energy fields. Leave with a deeper understanding of what harmony means to you, and where in your life the peace of Libra is seeking to penetrate.



Later Event: May 5
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