The earth will hold you
and the sun will help you grow
moon will light your path
and fire will warm you when you're cold

If you're lost in the dark
look up at the sky
the stars are always there
even on a cloudy night
remember that you are
a star
shining bright

Celebrations of Birth

As you celebrate a Mama's rite of passage into Motherhood, you are looking to create a ritual where she feels held and blessed on this life-changing journey. My Mother Blessing Packages provide a moment of depth and connection during your ritual, allowing space for her to feel honored and embraced through the beauty of song.

Mother Blessing Package


•  One song chosen by you, to open or close your ritual

•  One 20-minute phone call to discuss song choice, placement, and other ritual details

Cost: $100


Custom Mother Blessing Package


• One song chosen from my repertoire of original melodies with themes of love, nature, and consciousness.

• A home audio recording of the song to make sure it is the right fit for your gathering

• One 20-minute phone call to discuss song choice, placement, and other ceremony details

Cost: $125


Ceremonialist Package

You love the idea of gathering together and singing as you create an offering for Mama-to-be, but you’re not sure what song to choose or how to teach it. With my Ceremonialist Package, I will lead your group in stringing a bead necklace as a ritual, and teach one song to be sung together as the ritual is conducted. Singing together strengthens our bonds and connections to one another, and is a beautiful way to uplift and support your Mama-to-be on her journey into motherhood. I open the space with meditation, and guide your voices and hands to create an offering for your Mama-to-be and the emerging life within her.


• One 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your gathering and any materials needed

• Your choice of song either from my repertoire or elsewhere

• A Mother Blessing  sung by me, to open your ceremony

• 10 minute guided meditation for body-centering and to direct our energies and love towards Mama-to-be

• One song taught by me in a traditional call and response format

• One ritual activity led by me: stringing a bead necklace with beads from each woman present, as an offering to Mama-to-be

Cost: $350