Sound Immersion Sessions

Sound sessions are a practice of presence. The process I have discovered is a kind of palpation of my own inner body, and expressing the resonant tone with my voice. I am sounding the body, from the inside out. As I work with you, I will be tuning into your quality of frequency that I perceive from my felt-sense in my body, and match my voice to this frequency. In this way, my presence, and voice as an extension of, begin to resonate with your being, thereby meeting your system as it is in that moment. Being met, or acknowledged on this deep level allows for flow, opening, shifting, release. 

 I hold the wider perception of my awareness in love, and the stillness and spaciousness underlying all that is. I let my voice flow from this awareness, creating a space of allowance and connection to the whole. 

 The final wish as practitioner, is to surrender. Surrender to the intelligence that is ultimately in charge of healing, and who’s power I do not claim as my own. The body, the heart, the psyche, the soul, naturally want to bring you towards your innate wholeness. We simply need to give it the space and attention to do so. 

 It is my honor to be with you in this way. I look forward to working with you. 


Other Modalities

I often incorporate a few different mindfulness modalities within the session, which can include gentle yoga with the breath, and exercises from a methodology called The Realization Process, founded by Judith Blackstone. These exercises support embodiment as well as the realization of non-dual consciousness. The practices have practical application and are something you can return to in between sessions.


Group Sound Immersion Sessions

I offer couples or small group Sound Immersions in the comfort of your own home. Please inquire with me for rates.