Sound Immersion Sessions

Sound Immersion sessions take place in my home in SE Portland. Through my love and care for the space, I have created a container that feels loving, safe, and nurturing. When you step into the space, you are immersed within this resonant field. It is my intention to share this resonant field of love with you, and to be present. It is my observation that being present creates a sense of spaciousness, and of opening and allowing. Within the spaciousness, new ideas, processes, or realizations emerge.

I use my voice and drone instrument, in part, to help shift your brainwaves into an alpha or theta wave state, and to soothe your nervous system. This is the place of deep relaxation, where images or insights bubble up from the unconscious, and the natural healing system of your body can occur more easily. I also use my voice to match my felt-sense of atunement to your being. In this way, it is my intention to meet you where you are, and allow you to be felt and seen from the subtle layers of your being. I hope to support the resilience of resource within you, and to restore your sense of balance and ease in the world.

Other Modalities

I often incorporate a few different mindfulness modalities within the session, which can include gentle yoga with the breath, and exercises from a methodology called The Realization Process, founded by Judith Blackstone. These exercises support embodiment as well as the realization of non-dual consciousness. The practices have practical application and are something you can return to in between sessions.


Group Sound Immersion Sessions

I offer couples or small group Sound Immersions in the comfort of your own home. Please inquire with me for rates.